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Sam is a seasoned actor and comedian with a remarkable journey in the entertainment industry. Starting as a professional dancer in iconic films like "Mame" alongside Lucille Ball and "At Long Last Love" with Madeline Kahn. He also had stage musicals such as "Hello Dolly" and "Music Man," where he ultimately transitioned into acting roles that captivated audiences worldwide.

His versatility shines through in his guest appearances on acclaimed shows like "The Bob Newhart Show," where that episode he participated in earned an Emmy Nomination. Other notable appearances are series like "Family Ties," "Lou Grant," "Airwolf," and "MADTV." His comedic prowess has graced stages from Caesars Palace Lake Tahoe to renowned comedy clubs across the nation, leaving audiences roaring with laughter.

Sam's voice talents have left an indelible mark in the world of animation, from his portrayal of Donald Duck in the live arena show "Disney on Parade" at just 19 years old to his extensive work at Disney Studios over a 17-year period. His voice has brought beloved characters to life in records, toys, and commercials, earning him a place in the esteemed book, "Mouse Tracks."

Currently, Sam lends his voice to the beloved character "Little Quacker" in the acclaimed series of "The Tom and Jerry Show," where he has been the voice of the adorable duck throughout the entire series currently, in the Sixth season, delighting audiences of all ages. Meanwhile, he brings his comedic charm to the screen as the product placement guy on Jerry Seinfeld's Emmy-nominated series, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."

Continuing to expand his repertoire, Sam graces the stage in the hit play "Letters From A Nut," written by Ted L. Nancy and produced by Jerry Seinfeld, showcasing his exceptional talent in live theater.


Moreover, audiences can catch him in the movie adaptation of the same play, "Letters from a Nut," now available on Amazon Prime, alongside his appearance in the film "Lifeguard," further solidifying his status as a versatile and esteemed entertainer.

The image contains Sam Kwasman, a very talented actor
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